All About Steel Detailing Jeemon VG

Steel Detailing Jeemon VG


If you don’t know about steel detailing Jeemon VG and How Steel Detailing works so you come on right place In this article I will tell you how steel detailing works and what is steel detailing Jeemon VG.

How Steel Detailing works

After the steel has been produced every piece of steel in a skyscraper or bridge must be precisely cut its holes properly placed its pieces welded in exactly the right location every single bolt in the structure must be located and attached at the proper place and all this must be exact to 1/16 of an inch so that the steel members will fit together perfectly at the site that’s why a process called detailing is such an important and integral part of building today’s complex steel based structures it is the detailer who must develop drawings that are so precise that they will show the fabricator the exact dimensions required for manufacturing the finished steel components that will go into the structure to accomplish this formidable task the detailer will take the design prepared by the structural engineer and on paper build a two dimension or a 3d model of the steel frame of the building or bridge it is from this model that the detailer will generate a complete list of every member in the structure as well as shop drawings that all the individual steel pieces to accomplish this process the detailer must compute the length of the beams and columns as well as the bolts and raw materials the detailer must also keep track of every hole in the entire structure if a change is made in a beam connection or in the hole of one column web it will be up to the detailer to indicate exactly.

About steel detailing Jeemon VG

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Jeemon VG services

. Fully detailed general arrangement drawings
. Fully detailed shop fabrication drawings
. Erection drawings
. Full-size templates
. Fully customized material lists
. Customization to satisfy clients

Jeemon VG projects did includes

. Pipe racks
. Industrial buildings
. Residential buildings
. Bridge
And more…

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