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hello everyone! If you need Best Online Learning platform so great you came on right place In this article i will tell you about Blooket in which students learning with games. I will guide you how to you blooket join and how to create account on blooket and etc so if you will like this article so share with your friends and family.

What is a Blooket is most famous students online learning website. Blooket striving to change the way students learn they try to do make learning easy for students with help of games. The Blooket way it works is that a teacher picks a question for students set and a unique game mode. Then generate a code that code helps to players join the game on their own devices. After the game starts players will give answer of questions for the win. Blooket where the fun starts, because Blooket give a variety to students games to keep engaged and excited.

How to create account on Blooket

To create account on follow these simple steps

  • First you go on your browser and open the
  • On homepage in the top corner you see an option sign up click on it.
  • When you click on sign up you see the option sign up with Google or sign up Email you will select sign up with Google because this way is easy.
  • So when you click on sign up with Google you need to select your gmail which you like to create account with then click on your gmail.
  • When you click on your selected gmail so then they show you option enter your username so enter your user name and check out on Privacy Policy & Terms of Service and click on sign up.
  • So when you click on sign up so they ask you who are you teacher or student if you are teacher so select teacher or if your student so select student.
  • So there is your account is ready if you like to take tour so click on next otherwise click on later and skip tour.

How to join a game on Blooket

In your dashboard you see the option on left side PLAY so click on it they show you option enter Game ID so if you are student so your teacher give you Game ID so enter Game id and give your teacher to answer of question and win the game.

How to Question Set to Host

Go on your Blooket dashboard and on left side there is option Set Creator so click on it there is option to Add title of your Question and Question Description so add your title and description and then add your cover image and select your Creation Method and click on create button. So is your Question Set is ready.

How to check your Stats

if you need to check your stats so go on your blooket dashboard and on left side there is option Stats click on it so you see your class pass, history custom blooks and your stats.

How to check your Blooks

On dashboard left side there is option Blooks so click on it so you see your Mediecal Pack, Wonderland Pack, Breakfast Pack, Space Pack, Bot Pack, Aquatic Pack, Safari Pack, Dino Pack, Ice Monster Pack and Outback Pack.

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