All Things You Need To Know About Nairaland Forum

nairaland forum


hey everyone! if you need information about nairaland forum so great you came on right place In this article I will tell you all about nairaland forum like How you can Join Nairaland Forum, How you can post forum on Nairaland and how you can use your Nairaland account So if you will like this article so share with your friends

What is a Nairaland is a most famous forum website. Nairaland forum is one of the biggest forums in africa. Nairaland have over two million members and then six million topics and neverland has been around for a very long time since 2005 you can start a discussion on any topic like on politics, crime, Jobs/Vacancies, Career, Business, Investment, NYSC, Education, Autos, Car talk, Religion, Food, Diaries, and many of other topics.

How to Join Nairaland Forum

To join NairalandForum follow these steps:

  • To create an account come to and then you see option on top Register On Nairaland so click on it.
  • Next you see the option Submit Your Email To Join Nairaland so enter your email address and click on submit button.
  • So when you click on submit button you see this Please Check Your E-Mail so go on your gmail in box and they sent you Email Confirmation so click on the link which they sent you.
  • When you click on link so they redirect you on Join Nairaland Forum / Register page so there is option username and password so enter your username and password and click on Join Nairaland button.
  • So when you click on Join Nairaland button so your account is created so enter your username and password so you login on NairalandForum on top you see Edit Profile so make your profile and enjoy.

How to post forum on Nairaland

So first you select your topic and click on your topic so on top you see this Please Observe The Following Rules so read all rules and then on down you see the option subject so enter your forum subject and then enter your forum description and then add your iamges and then click on Submit button so your forum is uploaded.

What purpose you can use your Nairaland account

You can use your Nairaland account to promote your affiliate links and your blogs. If you’re a blogger you can actually use it to generate traffic to your blog and you have a an online business an online product or service you are offering you can use Nairaland.

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