How to get bingo tingo canva pro free for lifetime

bingo tingo canva


Hey everyone today I will be teaching you In this article how to get bingo tingo canva Pro for free ,so read this article and follow some simple steps and get your canva pro in free for lifetime.

Some simple steps

  • first you created a new canva account and see it says get canva Pro
  • Open a new tab and search bingo tingo and click on the second one which is Best Social Media Platforms
  • you will get the interface of bingo tingo website now scroll down until you see free guide once you see free guide wait for the countdown to finish
  • The countdown finishes so you can see a download button click on that button and wait for the website to load.
  • You can see an option called get here click on that if you get a message like this “Looks like you don’t have acces” so don’t panic this website refreshes every hour
  • so get back to the same website and see a download button agin click on that button and agin You can see an option called get here click on that
  • now when you click get here you will be redirected to your canva account with a pop-up like and you can see all the pro features given to your account and click on got it that’s it

Now enjoy bingo tingo canva Pro this is a legit method and you were just added to a team having canva Pro do not forget to share this article thanks

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