Love What You Have, Before Life Teaches You To Love – Tymoff

love what you have, before life teaches you to love - tymoff


In this article I will tell you what is a meaning of this tymoff line “love what you have, before life teaches you to love” I explain in our words. We discuss in this article about the most valuable in life? and also how to say someone for his mistakes So if you will like this article so share with your family and friends.

DO you know what is the most valuable in life?

The most valuable in life is relationships no matter how wealthy or famous we are the one thing that can bring a smile and wipe our tears is relationships Something that touches our hearts and helps us experience true love relationships when broken, something which causes great pain in the heart. Now if relationships are the source of our joy isn’t it important that we learn the art of proper dealings and friends the thing that is most powerful in creating sourness in our relationships is giving corrective feedback When someone makes a mistake if you don’t tell them how would they correct themselves? And if you tell them there is bitterness in the relationship that’s precisely why the next time you have to correct someone or give feedback to someone consider asking these questions before opening your mouth And only if the answer to questions is a yes go ahead and say what you want to say.

The First Question

Are you the right person?

Let me ask you something Would you correct someone else’s spouse? No! why because although they may be making a mistake and although what you are saying to correct them is right but your are the wrong person the right person is who can correct someone is a very close relative or a close friend or a guide Basically those should have the right to correct.

The Second Question

Ok, let’s assume you are the right person But do you the right motive?

The motive behind giving corrective feedback is the other persons welfare their happiness not settling old accounts. Do you know what is the most valuable golden opportunity for a married woman in her life? A mosquito sitting on her husband’s face Give a slap and say- I actually hit the mosquito not you. So are we trying to settle some old accounts in correcting others? if yes our motive is wrong Alright we be the right person and even our motive may be right.

Third Question

Do you know the right way?

People are not as hurt by what you say as much as how you say it Rather than saying you are a dunce you don’t know how to speak rightly saying you should think carefully before speaking would cause less pain to the other person So the right person, the right motive and the right way.

Fourth Question

Is it the right time?

Often we say the right thing but at the wrong time Someone came up to me and pointed a mistake in my talk straight after i had given it He was the right person and had the right motive the way he corrected was also right but his timing was completely wrong i had given the best of my energy in my talk and possibly there may have been a mistake if he would have corrected me the next day it would have been a bit easier to accept

Fifth And Last Question

Is it the right place?

The right feedback given at the wrong place can have a wrong impact. When someone corrects their children in front of others what they are saying may be right but where they are saying it is completely wrong.
So, If you want to correct someone do ask these questions yourself before speaking up

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