Review of 3 most popular 55 inch flat screen TV models 2023

55 inch flat screen TV

55 inch flat screen TV models are currently extremely popular with families because of their thinness, lightness, wider viewing angles, higher resolution, and sharper and more realistic images. There are many different types of flat-screen TVs available today, including LED TVs, OLED TVs, and QLED TVs. Each type of TV has its own advantages and disadvantages, you can choose the right TV for your needs and budget.

1. Smart TV LG 55UQ7550PSF 4K 55 inch

Smart TV LG 55UQ7550PSF 4K 55 inches with a streamlined border design, helps to expand the frame, making viewers completely focus on the screen, while helping to increase the aesthetics of the interior space, turning the space of the house. You become more elegant and luxurious.

55-inch LG 4K TV series with a slim design, flat screen, and minimalist border create a modern space

TV model 55UQ7550PSF owns a flat screen with 4K resolution and 4K AI Upscaling Technology application. This technology helps to improve and upscale the picture quality to near 4K standard, allowing viewers to enjoy images 4 times clearer than full HD. The colors shown in each movie also become more realistic, more vivid, “spectacular from Real 4K crystal clear”.

In addition to smart technologies, bringing perfect experiences in terms of picture and sound, LG 55UQ7550PSF TV also owns many smart utilities:

LG Voice Recognition and LG Voice Search make voice search smoother and more seamless.

Integrated AI ThinQ technology makes it easy to manage smart devices on Google by voice via Google Assistant, Apple AirPlay,… This is considered a convenient feature to help users easily find information quickly. best.

HGiG technology helps to recognize performance and image quality, thereby adjusting HDR graphics to deliver the best and most realistic display image quality. At the same time, game quality becomes smoother by reducing input lag.

The design of the TV stand uses a sturdy plastic shell and metalcore, an upside-down V-shaped design, ensuring certainty during installation and use.

With relatively outstanding price and quality, the device is suitable for low-cost users who want to find a product that satisfies their entertainment needs. A TV with model number 55UQ7550PSF will definitely be a super product with a moderate screen, suitable for installation in family spaces, classrooms, or cafes with an area of ​​15 – 20 square meters.

2. Google TV Sony 4K 50-inch KD-50X75K

The first plus point of the KD-50X75K TV is the seamless overall design with elegant contours. This TV has a thin frame, only about 1cm wide, helping to increase the display area, bringing a luxurious and modern feeling to the installation space. At the same time, the edge-to-edge effect of the TV also creates a great entertainment experience, delivering content displayed with good picture quality.

Google TV Sony 4K 50 inch KD-50X75K owns a modern and luxurious design

KD-50X75K TV with advanced technologies such as 4K X-Reality PRO, HDR10, and High Dynamic Range, … gives users the sharpest, most vivid, and most realistic picture experience. These are technologies that help TV screens display more details with sharp contrast colors, improve image processing speed by up to 40%, and enhance pixels stronger than ever.

Google Assistant virtual assistant supports users to search and control easily by voice. The Chromecast feature helps you project content from your mobile device onto your TV screen. Google TV operating system owns an easy-to-use interface with countless applications, meeting the entertainment needs of all family members.

With a price of about 10 million VND (updated in August 2023), you can own a Sony KD-50X75K TV with an elegant design, picture quality, eye-catching sound, and modern features that raise the bar. and also experience the dedicated care service at Manh Nguyen.

3. Smart TV QLED 4K 55-inch Samsung QA55Q70B

The 55-inch Samsung QA55Q70B TV has delicate thin plastic edges that create an elegant look to any space. The product owns a flat screen with a wide viewing angle of up to 178 degrees, allowing you to enjoy excellent image quality from any viewing angle.

The Samsung QA55Q70B TV also features SpaceFit Sound technology, which fine-tunes the sound based on the distance between the TV and the viewer, thereby providing the best moments of being immersed in music.

Samsung QA55Q70B TV makes your space aesthetically enhanced

Super product QA55Q70B not only has an ultra-thin design, and modern features but also owns a friendly Tizen operating system for all family members. In addition, the applications of Samsung TVs are very diverse: Youtube, Netflix, Spotify, … for your entertainment, making your life simpler when you can connect and control all devices in the house. just through a smartphone. Quickly “buy” the Samsung QA55Q70B product at Manh Nguyen to get the product at the “extremely bargain” price!

Above is the entire review of 55 inch flat screen TV models with higher resolution, for sharper and more realistic images. If you need advice or buy TV products, please contact Manh Nguyen immediately to receive support and purchase quickly and quality.

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