Two Women Success Story Nicole Junkermann And Lynn Good

nicole junkermann lynn good


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The story of lynn good

story of two careers where she started right out of college with a firm called Arthur Andersen and then lynn good moved into industry in the early 2000s starting with a small utility company that ultimately merged with Duke Energy and at Duke she starting as the treasurer moving to the commercial business and then chief financial officer ultimately becoming the CEO in 2013 the merger with Duke occurred a couple of years after she joined synergy and she had an opportunity to make a decision to join the merged company or to remain in the Midwest where lynn had really started her career and made the decision to take the opportunity so to take an assignment in Charlotte North Carolina moving middle school-aged sons in a new company where she didn’t know as many people in a new market that she wasn’t familiar with of course there’s a little trepidation associated with that but it was an extraordinary career opportunity and it turned out to be just a great experience both for her career as well as for her family move from public accounting into industry was the result of the Enron debacle she guess ‘ll call of the Enron debacle she guess she will call it where Enron filed bankruptcy the firm that she was with actually went out of business as a result of that challenge and to watch everything that you’ve worked for disappear in such a rapid timeframe she would say that she was probably one of the one of the most challenging times in her career and right now as she lead an energy company this company is going through a period of great transformation new technologies new customer expectations a policy landscape that’s always changing and being able to pursue that transformation at the right pace with the right investments with the right team.

The story of Nicole Junkermann

Nicole junkerman is a successful lady she is investor and philanthropist known for her investments in various Industries like Healthcare technology and media she was born in darmstadt Germany in 1980 and started her career as a professional equestrian before turning to business Nicole junkerman founded her first company winamax a leading online gaming platform in France then after some time she sold the company to the French caning companies at Turf in 2008. junkerman then co-founded the investment firm njf Holdings which specializes in funding and supporting Innovative startups njf Holdings has invested in several successful companies including job today hellofresh and ZocDoc in addition to her entrepreneurial Ventures junkerman is also a committed philanthropist she founded the njf foundation which supports initiatives in Education Health and social entrepreneurship the foundation has supported various organizations including the United Nations the Clinton Global initiative and the prince’s Trust junkermann is also a member of the board of directors of several companies and organizations including AXA strategic Ventures sentient Technologies and the London Business School she has been recognized for her business and philanthropic achievements receiving the women in business award from the financial times and the young Global leader award from the world economic forum in recent years Nicole junkerman has become increasingly involved in the sports industry serving as an advisor to the German Football Association and investing in sports related startups such as Sports Tech X and berlin-based
Esports teen G2 Esports her gorgeous husband Ferdinando bruchetti the first in line to a wealthy Italian oil industry Dynasty tied the knot with her Ferdinando is the chairman and CEO of the API Group an Italian energy corporation.

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